Play-Based Learning is Great for Your Child’s Learning and Development

Your child has a natural curiosity for the world and is driven to experience new things through play. At Ascot Childcare we provide a stimulating and exciting environment for your child to grow and discover new things, in a compelling and play-based way. We are proud of our play-based learning program, and we are always seeking to understand new ways to deliver the best possible play environment for your child to learn and grow in.

What is play?

There’s no one definition of play. But as the early childhood pedagogical approach outlines it, play is something pleasurable; an enjoyable activity. While there might be other elements present, like frustration and challenges, enjoyment is an overarching feature. Play can involve the imagination and can have a pretend quality unique to each child.

For many children, their play will have meanings that are often not evident to an adult observer. Play involves the environment and the senses, with physical and verbal engagement using a range of materials and ideas to bring something to life. Play is freely chosen but can be initiated by an educator as well as by the child. Most of all, play is enjoyable, fun and hugely engaging for children.

Why play-based learning?

Research has shown that play is a vital component of education and learning. This spans culture and time and points to the fact that play is a vital part of learning and development. By understanding the importance of play and exposing children to the types of play where it’s possible to focus on neurological development and sensory development, you’re sitting your child up for the brightest possible future.

At Ascot Childcare we foster a play-based learning environment through careful program selection and the rich environment in our centre to give every child the opportunity to engage with what they like the most.

Set your child up for a bright future

Secure attachment and stimulation are significant parts of your child’s development, and play gives your child the opportunity to assist them in building their neurological pathways. We have a daily schedule that includes indoor and outdoor play, with music, movement, and creative expression all being used to give your child ample opportunity to engage with new things.

Play compared to direct instruction

The traditional method of learning in Australian childcare and preschool programs has long been play-based. The play-based learning environment underpins the national early learning curriculum, and the benefit of this style of education has long been seen. In contrast to play-based learning is the teacher-focused method of basic classroom instructional education. Although this is the traditional method of primary school learning the research has pointed to the long-term, high-quality benefits of play-based learning and we may see a shift towards play-based learning in primary schooling as well.

Our play-based learning at Ascot Childcare and Kindergarten

Our play-based learning has been developed to provide a cooperative and engaging environment for your child to learn and flourish in. We want to give children the tools to gain mastery over their environments, to meet challenges head-on and to develop their resilience. Our environment offers children the opportunities to develop their higher-level thinking and to grow as they analyse, evaluate and apply their knowledge in new and exciting ways.

Positive attitudes to learning

Play supports a child’s attitude to learning and fosters imagination and curiosity, giving them the opportunity to develop enthusiasm for education and growth. Through play, they can develop persistence and will discover the benefit of knowledge, giving them the best possible start in life.

Social skills

The conversational nature of play means that children will develop social skills, will learn sharing, cooperation, and negotiation. Children can acquire new skills and will discover the benefit of learning in a playful way.


Play offers a way for children to learn literacy, numeracy, and language in a compelling and exciting format. Learning through play does not feel like work, and children can discover strengths and enhance skills through guided and free play. A solid foundation of play-based learning gives your child a great start for the traditional schooling method.

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